• This one is about Jacques Auguste de Thou, bibliophile, historian, President of the French Parliament, and royal librarian to Henry IV, and the Eve family of bookbinders that de Thou hired for the royal library. I hope you enjoy it!
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Jacques Auguste de Thou and the Eves

This post is going to cover two of the names on Mary Francis Isom’s list.  I’m doing this because the lives of these men are closely linked, both through their respective careers, and through the style of French bookbinding known as ‘décors à la fanfare’. Jacques Auguste de Thou was born with advantages on October … Continue reading

Thomas Maiolo (Mahieu)

I’m going to try to tell the story of Thomas Maiolo (a.k.a. Mahieu) through a series of images of book bindings.  Again, as with the post on Tory, I’m going to have to go back a little bit before Maiolo for the story to make sense.  So, here goes… We have to start with François … Continue reading

Geoffroy Tory

Since Tory is the first Bookbinder on Mary Frances Isom’s list, I’m going to have to do a little bookbinding back-story.  This should provide a bit of context for Tory, and place him in a historical continuum of the bookbinding arts.  First, lets go way back.  The earliest examples of bookbinding’s were discovered preserved in … Continue reading

The development of the book, and some interesting facts.

Before I get into the bookbinders lives and work it’s probably a good idea to cover some stuff about the development of books.  The word “book” comes from an Anglo Saxon word, boc or beech, because the inside part of the bark of the beech tree made a good surface to write on.  Before the … Continue reading

Mary Frances Isom’s List, Some Rules for Me, and Getting Started!

Mary Frances Isom, head librarian at MCL from 1902 until 1920, oversaw the design, building, and move into the Central Library building in 1913.  She worked with the architect A. E. Doyle, and was responsible for the list of names engraved on the sides of the building.  I will be researching the 300 names one … Continue reading